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Welcome to the community where modding your favorite game can be possible, and supported by a nice and warm community. Here you will find resources which will help you to develop your projects faster. Additionally you can show your projects and share with a growing community, even be part of the Blizzard Modding Network, which aims to gather all the projects and clans around this game.

Please enjoy your stance here.

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Blizzard Modding Network News

xx Happy 2014!!! A wish from Blizzmodding!!!!

December 31, 2013, 10:43:19 PM by moyack

Hi My fellow Blizzmoders!!!!

It's 10:37pm and in less of 2 hours 2014 will start. I just want to give all my gratitude to the staff and all the members of this site for keeping here, for being awesome and I want to wish you a happy new year, totally full of happiness and success in your projects and, of course, please keep enjoying modding!!!  ;)

From my part a BIG and HUUUUGE HUG!!!!!!
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xx Nominate Power of Corruption!!

December 06, 2012, 12:05:13 PM by moyack
Hi Blizzmoders :)

As you know I'm the author of Power of Corruption and in this year Moddb is promoting the MOD of the Year 2012.

All that I need is your vote, just click in the following image to access the vote section.

Thanks for your support!!!

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xx [NEWS] Today is the day: Heart of the Swarm is ALIVE!!!

March 12, 2013, 09:30:16 AM by moyack

Heart of the Swarm is now live!!

Today is the day when it arrives the new expansion of Starcraft II. So let's start in the new plot and new features in units and gameplay. In order to update the game, you must have a very good internet connection due the game downloads the humble 6GB in information. WTF!!!!

If you haven't bought the expansion, just take the opportunity now. It's costing 39.99 only!!!

Share your thoughts and let's fill this topic with spoilers :D

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xx Wc3jass News #2

December 11, 2012, 09:47:18 AM by moyack
News!! #2

I know... I know, I've promised a monthly news, but real life has been rude with me :P

Ok, right now the main reason of this news is to show up to the jassers community the new Theme of Probably the main question is: what's wrong with the other theme?? The issue was it implied a lot of load in the server because it made some excessive calls to the server, and it's very likely people noticed it took 3-5 seconds to load... plain text.

This theme is based in the native one, which is faster. Now you should notice more speed in the load time but keeping the feeling as similar as possible like the previous theme.

If you find any bug with the theme, please report it here.


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xx Road to Episode 2.0

July 04, 2013, 08:35:06 AM by JayJay
Progress to Episode 2.0 "Death's Revenge"

  • Archer Class - Finished
  • Archer Equipment:

-Hunter's Bow - Finished
-Metallic Bow - Finished
-Bow of the Curse - Finished
-Death's Bow - Not Completed
  • Warrior Class Upgrade:

-Strength 5 -> 10
-Intelligent 5 -> 7
-Damage Base 30 -> 43
-Armor Base 0 -> 2
-Mana Base 250 -> 325
  • New Hero Selection - Almost Finished

-Need to add more basic class informations
  • New Item Type - Accessories

*Pendant of Aviana
-Tooltip - Finished
-Stats/Effect - Working
*Ring of the Wanderer
-Tooltip - Finished
-Stats/Effect - Working
  • Death's Revenge Arc

* The Awakening of the Dead
-Ghoul Spawn - Finished
-Dialoge - Finished
* The Death's Reaper
-Reaper Spawn - Working
-Dialog - Finished
* He Who was Forgotten Seeks Revenge
-Death's Appearance - Working
-Dialog - Working
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xx JetCraft 0.9.0

March 02, 2014, 07:13:40 AM by Sourc[e]x

JetCraft Beta 0.9.0 has been released.
This is the biggest update to date and comes with the new cooperative multiplayer mode.

What's new in 0.9.0:
• Game:
    - Added multiplayer co-op mode.
    - Added multiplayer achievements.
    - Updated game code to support multiple players at once.
    - Snow now reduces the player's movement speed and reduces fall damage as originally intended.
    - Increased jump height slightly.
    - Fixed an issue where the player would spawn at a checkpoint when restarting from the scorescreen.
    - Fixed an issue where the player could retain the properties of the last tile of the previous level.
    - Improved the texttags displayed from items.
    - Built-in levels using JetScript has been updated to use the updated player functions.
    - Touched up old assets.
    - Heavily optimized entity code.
    - General code optimization/maintenance.
    • New Challenge Maps:
        - CGSOURCE (Easy)
        - Rock Avalanche (Medium)
        - Utter Insanity (Insane)
• Editor:
    - Improved level compression algorithm. Custom levels will now be MUCH smaller in filesize.
    - Level loading and saving is now faster.
    - Undoing tile changes is now faster.
    - Implemented a multiplayer emulation option in test games.
    - Interface updates.
    • JetScript:
        - A lot of functions have been changed to support multiple players.
        • New Functions:
            - object EventPlayer()
            - object Player(int index)
            - int PlayerGetIndex(object player)
            - bool PlayerIsPlaying(object player)
            - const int MaxPlayers()
            - void PlayerSetJetpackVelocity(fixed velocity)
            - fixed PlayerGetJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerResetJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerSetMaxJetpackVelocity(fixed velocity)
            - fixed PlayerGetMaxJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerResetMaxJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerSetJetpackFuelConsumption(fixed amount)
            - fixed PlayerGetJetpackFuelConsumption()
            - void PlayerResetJetpackFuelConsumption()
• New Items:
    - Red Bricks (Surface)
    - Dark Stone (Surface)
    - Emitter Pad (Left)
    - Emitter Pad (Right)
    - Emitter Pad (Up)
    - Emitter Pad (Down)
    - Emitter Pads (Horizontal)
    - Emitter Pads (Vertical)
    - Boulder

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